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Novena To The Infant Of Prague Sixth Day

January 9 St. Adrian of Canterbury (d. 710) Though St. Adrian turned down a papal request to become Archbishop of Canterbury, England, Pope St. Vitalian accepted the rejection on the condition that Adrian serve as the Holy Father’s assistant and adviser.

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Novena To Our Lady Of The Poor

Invocations of Banneux :

Blessed Virgin of the Poor, lead us to Jesus, Source of grace.

Blessed Virgin of the Poor, save all Nations.

Blessed Virgin of the Poor,relieve the Sick.

Blessed Virgin of the Poor, alleviate suffering.

Blessed Virgin of th

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Novena To The Infant Of Prague Fifth Day

January 8 St. Angela of Foligno (1248-1309) Some saints show marks of holiness very early. Not Angela! Born of a leading family in Foligno, Italy, she became immersed in the quest for wealth and social position. As a wife and mother, she continued this li

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Novena To The Infant Of Prague Fourth Day

January 7 St. Raymond of Peñafort (1175-1275) Since Raymond lived into his hundredth year, he had a chance to do many things. As a member of the Spanish nobility, he had the resources and the education to get a good start in life. By the time he was 20, h

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Devotion To The Holy Name Of Jesus-Litany To The Most Holy Name Of Jesus

Oh, if only you knew the degree of glory that heaven would give you if you only said: “O admirable Name of God! in a spirit of reparation for the blasphemies committed”.

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Novena To The Infant Of Prague Third Day

January 6 St. André Bessette (1845-1937) Brother André expressed a saint’s faith by a lifelong devotion to St. Joseph. Sickness and weakness dogged André from birth. He was the eighth of 12 children born to a French Canadian couple near Montreal. Adopted

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Novena To The Infant Of Prague-Second Day

January 5 St. John Neumann (1811-1860) Perhaps because the United States got a later start in the history of the world, it has relatively few canonized saints, but their number is increasing. John Neumann was born in what is now the Czech Republic. After

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Novena To The Infant Of Prague-First Day

First Day of Novena to The Infant Of Prague

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