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What would it be like if Hillary Clinton is elected President

Hillary Clinton becomes the first female president of the United States on January 20, 2017

Posted 10/19/2016 03:48 PM

God is talking to us, are we listening?

Saint Luke-Saint of the Day for October 18

Prayer-O Mary, Queen of heaven and earth

Posted 10/18/2016 11:02 PM

Democracy In Peril-Is Civil War Looming

October 15. Saint Teresa of Avila lived before and during the Council of Trent. Having experienced the Reformation, she felt a need for reform, but took things in a different direction than the Protestants. Teresa set an example for present day reformers.

Posted 10/15/2016 02:43 PM

Trump Needs To Step Down If he really Loves this Country

Governor Mike Pence needs to be the Republican To Beat Hillary Clinton. Trump can not win anymore.

Posted 10/11/2016 06:09 PM

Prayer By St Pope John XXIII (Best of Prayer N lunch)

October 11. St Pope John XXIII (November 25, 1881 – June 3, 1963) A shy, retiring man with a wonderful sense of humor, Cardinal Angelo Roncolli became our beloved Saint Pope John XXIII. Perhaps the greatest irony was that his fellow Cardinals elected

Posted 10/11/2016 12:06 PM

Ecology Of The Heart-Our relationship with God and with one another informs our relationship with the environment -Best of prayer N Lunch

October 11 St. John XXIII (1881-1963)

Ponder: How can I become selfless enough to call everyone I meet a brother or sister?

Pray: God of creation, it is not always easy to see you in others. Whenpeople are downright nasty and hard to help, give me a hea

Posted 10/11/2016 02:12 AM

O Mary, Stay With Us Your Children By St. Pope John Paul II (Aired 10-12-15) The Best of Prayer N Lunch

October 12 Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos (1819-1867) Zeal as a preacher and a confessor led Father Seelos to works of compassion as well.Born in southern Bavaria, he studied philosophy and theology in Munich. On hearing about the work of the Redemptorists

Posted 10/10/2016 02:43 AM

Anthem To Mary (Aired 10-08-08) Best of Prayer N Lunch

Saint John Leonardi October 8 (1541 – October 9,1609) “I am only one person! Why should I do anything? What good would it do?” Today, as in any age, people seem plagued with the dilemma of getting involved. In his own way, John Leonardi answered these

Posted 10/08/2016 11:26 AM