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RESPECT LIFE- Novena for the Holy Innocents- Prayer: Let us adore the Lord Jesus who came into the world

Saint of the Day for January 14- Saint Gregory Nazianzen (c. 325 – c. 390)


It may be small comfort, but post-Vatican II turmoil in the Church is a mild storm compared to the devastation caused by the Arian heresy, a trauma the Church has nev

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Footsteps-A reflection on the Father loving care for us

Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys (April 17, 1620 – January 12, 1700) Story-“God closes a door and then opens a window,” people sometimes say when dealing with their own disappointment or someone else’s. That was certainly true in Marguerite’s case. Children fr

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Prodigal Son-Luke 15:11-15-Novena To Obtain A Grace In The Name Of The Father,Son And Holy Spirit

Blessed William Carter-(c. 1548 – January 11, 1584)

Blessed William Carter’s Story-Born in London, William Carter entered the printing business at an early age. For many years he served as apprentice to well-known Catholic printers, one of whom served a

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