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6th Annual Marian Eucharistic Conference at Ave Marian University-Part I

Interview of Br. Peter Pio Picciolini-Franciscan Brother

Posted 05/20/2017 05:20 PM

St. Louis De Montfort's Rosary Prayer

Prayer of St. Augustine

Posted 05/19/2017 07:00 AM

The Little Crown Of The Blessed Virgin (as taught by St. Louis De Montfort )

The Little Crown Of The Blessed Virgin

Posted 05/18/2017 07:21 PM

Novena To The Blessed Virgin Mary Of Caravaggio(His novena is to be made from 17th to the 25th of May)

Saint of the Day for May 18 St. John I (c. 470 – May 18, 526)

Saint John I’s Story

Pope John I inherited the Arian heresy, which denied the divinity of Christ. Italy had been ruled for 30 years by an emperor who espoused the heresy, though he treated th

Posted 05/18/2017 06:47 AM

Devotion Of The Seven Joys Of Mary In Heaven

Saint of the Day for May 16 Saint Margaret of Cortona (1247 – February 22, 1297)

Saint Margaret of Cortona’s Story

Margaret was born of farming parents in Laviano, Tuscany. Her mother died when Margaret was seven; life with her stepmother was so difficu

Posted 05/16/2017 10:55 PM

Novena To Our Lady, Help Of Christians- As recited by St John Bosco (To Be Made from May 15th to the 23rd of May)

Saint of the Day for May 15 Saint Isidore the Farmer,(1070 – May 15, 1130)

Saint Isidore the Farmer’s Story

Isidore has become the patron of farmers and rural communities. In particular, he is the patron of Madrid, Spain, and of the United States Nation

Posted 05/16/2017 03:46 AM

Our Lady of Fatima-100th Anniversary

Our Lady of Fatima-100th Anniversary

Posted 05/13/2017 05:47 PM

Day Of Consecration to Mary-33 Days To Morning Glory (Best of Prayer N Lunch)

A Glorious New Morning

Posted 05/13/2017 02:33 PM