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The Mystery Of Rejection

DAY 3 -Our Mother in Faith-33 Days to Merciful Love

Posted 03/08/2018 05:11 AM

DAY 2 -Our Father in Faith-33 Days to Merciful Love

Second Saturday of Lent-THE FATHER’S GRACE

Posted 03/03/2018 09:21 PM

Novena For The First Friday Of Each Month-Sweet Heart of Jesus, May I Love You Ever More (Best of Prayer N Lunch)

Litany Of The First Friday

Posted 03/02/2018 05:00 AM

God Is Not Out Done by Evil

Second Thursday of Lent-The Rich Mann’s Neglect

Posted 03/01/2018 07:03 PM

Pausing To Pray-Lenten Meditations for Busy People

Starting Over In Christ-First Sunday of Lent

Posted 02/19/2018 08:29 PM

Focusing on The Important Things-Ash Wednesday-Focusing on the important things -Saturday after ash Wednesday

Change Your Life

Posted 02/17/2018 12:36 AM

Is God Putting His Physical Foot-Print For Us To See

Prayer for Guidance and Invocation Of The Spirit Of Love. Send Forth Your Spirit

Posted 02/17/2018 12:26 AM

Prayers For Parkland Florida

Prayers In Time of Temptation -Prayer for the sick-Prayer For The Departed

Posted 02/15/2018 05:52 AM