Love Me As You Are

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“ I know your misery, battles and the tribulation of your soul, the deficiencies and the infirmities of our body; I know your misery and your sins, and I say to you in spite of them, ‘Give me your heart, love me as you are.’ “If you wait to be an angel before abandoning yourself to love, you will never love. Even though you have failings In the practice of duty and virtue, if you fall again into those ways in which you would like to sin no more, I forbid you not to love me. Love me as you are. “In every instant and in whatever situation you may find yourself, in times of fervour or aridity, in times of faithfulness or unfaithfulness, love me… as you are.. I want the love of your poor heart: if you wait to be perfect, you will never love

By Bill Young 11/13/2008 09:51 PM

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