The 2018 March For Life-Prayers For The Unborn

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Opening Prayers

Heavenly Father, during this time of world crisis, let all souls find their peace and security in Your Divine Will. Give each soul the grace to understand that Your Will is Holy Love in the present moment. Benevolent Father, illuminate each conscience to see the ways that he is not living in Your Will. Grant the world the grace to change and the time in which to do it. Amen.

Divine Infant Jesus, as we pray this rosary, we ask You to remove from the heart of the world the desire to commit the sin of abortion. Remove the veil of deceit satan has placed over hearts, which portrays promiscuity as a freedom, and reveal it for what it is-slavery to sin. Place over the heart of the world a renewed respect for life at the moment of conception. Amen

By Bill Young 01/19/2018 03:57 PM

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