Prayer for Orlando Vargas

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Lord we lift our friend’s brother Orlando Vargas in prayer. Although It appears that he may Be nearing end of life due to pancreatic cancer & complications, we are praying for a miracle of healing, spiritual and physical.

We ask you Lord tthat even if the healing miracle happens his soul is ready for heaven!

embrace his family and give him al the grace they need

We pray for Orlando to experience a profound transforming encounter with the deep unconditional love of Jesus & Our Mother Mary in ways that are healing and freeing as well as hope & life giving.

We pray for love, healing & mercy to triumph in all his relationships with God & others especially those still in need of healing & forgiveness.

For grace and strength for anything in his life that’s disordered now to be put I order.

For medical/care personnel that’s guided and moved by great Godly wisdom & love.

Divine grace, love & wisdom for family to be best possible support for him & each other at peace they’ve given and loved to the max leaving nothing they could have done to bless him undone

We also urgently pray for anyone in his life who has held or is holding anger, resentment or any kind of grudges against Orlando to receive the grace this instance to forgive and release him now.

We ask all of these things in Jesus’ name



By Bill Young 10/01/2019 12:06 PM

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