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Prayer for Labor Day-Saint Gregory the Great for September 3 (c. 540 – March 12, 604)

Prayer for Labor Day

Lord on this Labor Day, we thank You for the blessing of work. We ask for strength to complete each day. We ask for rest when we are weary. We ask Your guidance for everyone seeking employment, and we ask that You be with those whose

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  • Saint Gregory the Great Pray For Us

Prayers To Saint Gregory the Great And Saint Michael The Archangel

September 3 St. Gregory the Great (540?-604) Born about 540, Gregory was Prefect of Rome when he renounced the world and entered a monastery about 575. He was ordained deacon, and sent on a papal mission to Constantinople from 580-585. He became pope in 590. It was the time of the barbarian attacks

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  • Saint Gregory the Great Pray For Us