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Let Us Adore The Lord Jesus Who Came Into The World

O Lord Jesus, eagerly awaited by humanity for centuries, and longed for by our poor hearts too, we greet and adore you.

Posted 01/16/2009 02:07 AM

Miracle On The Hudson

Praying Five Hail Mary’s.

Posted 01/15/2009 01:37 PM

Trust In God

My Father, I abandon myself to you; do with me whatever you desire. For whatever you do, I thank you. I am ready for everything, I accept everything, as long as your will be done in me and in all your creatures.

Posted 01/09/2009 09:02 PM

Stop Hatered Now - The Best of PrayerNLunch

Pray for those who hate.

Posted 01/08/2009 05:02 PM

For The Blessings Of The Past Year 2008- Prayer Dedicated For Pat Delgado

O God, the beginning and the end of all things, Who art always the same, and Whose years fail not, we now, at the close of another year, kneel in adoration before Thee, and offer Thee our deepest thanks for the fatherly care with which Thou has watched over us during the past, for the many times Tho

Posted 12/31/2008 08:39 PM