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Pray To Stop Abortion! Litany To Our Lady Of The Rosary

October 30 St. Alphonsus Rodriguez (c. 1533-1617) Tragedy and challenge beset today’s saint early in life, but Alphonsus Rodriguez found happiness and contentment through simple service and prayer.Born in Spain in 1533, Alphonsus inherited the family text

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Day 29 It's In Our Hands-Walking In Praise With Pope Francis-We should not despair. With God's love to guide us we can replace irresponsibility with attention and problem making with problem solving

Ponder: Can I overcome my own fear and indifference to work for change? How Can I get started? Do I believe in God’s belief in me?

Pray: God of creation, help me to adopt St Francis Of Assisi’s lavish and rapturous praise of you and the world you have ma

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Luminous Rosary by St John Paul II

The Baptism in the Jordan (Mat3:16-17) The Wedding at Cana (John 2:7-10) The Proclamation of the Kingdom( (Mark 1:14b-15) The Transfiguration (Matt. 17: 2-3) The Institution of the Eucharist (Matt.26:26)

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Help Us In These Difficult Times- By St Pope John Paul II

October 29 St. Narcissus of Jerusalem (d. 215) Life in second- and third-century Jerusalem couldn’t have been easy, but St. Narcissus managed to live well beyond 100. Some even speculate he lived to 160. Details of his life are sketchy, but there are many

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Day 28 Love Is The Answer-Walking In Praise With Pope Francis-Love is the force that will guide us to bring about needed change

Ponder: Do I really understand the power of unconditional love? Have I known it in my life?

Pray: God of creation, fill me with your love so that I may joyfully and lavishly share it with others-even those I never met, for we are all part of your family,

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Day 27 From Inside To Outside-Walking In Praise With Pope Francis-God is everywhere and in everyone and in everything. God fills the universe

Ponder: Am I truly aware of God’s presence in my life?

Pray: God of creation, help me to see your hand in everything, so that everything I do in your name, I may do with love.

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Pray For Mexico: Prayer:Our Lady of Guadalupe, my Queen and my Mother,

Prayer: “Our Lady of Guadalupe, my Queen and my Mother, I thank you for your first apparition to Blessed Juan Diego when you revealed that you are the Most Pure Virgin, Mary, Mother of the True God and Mother of all mankind. I

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Prayer for Mexico --Eternal Father, Have Mercy On All Souls

October 24 St. Anthony Claret (1807-1870) The “spiritual father of Cuba” was a missionary, religious founder, social reformer, queen’s chaplain, writer and publisher, archbishop and refugee. He was a Spaniard whose work took him to the Canary Islands, Cub

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