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My Wish For The Future- Religious Freedom Act 2017

Prayer of Petition To Our Lady Of The Miraculous Medal To be recited as near as possible to half-past five in the evening on the 27th of November which is the feast of the Medal, on the 27th day of each month and at times of urgent need.

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Thank you Lord, for Donald Trump wining the presidency of the US

Prayer at the Hour Of Mercy-Pray for Trump

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Election Day-"GO VOTE TODAY"

Come, Spirit Of Life-Pray for Trump and USA

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Election Final Thoughts 2016-Trump Lead Widens To 2, IBD/TIPP Poll

Adsumus-an ancient prayer to the Holy Spirit-Abortion: Is It Really a Matter of Life and Death?

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Election 2016 -Discernment Of The Truth, Prayer To The Holy Spirit

“If we forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” Ronald Regan

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Cubs Win after 108 years:Something can be said for waiting your turn

Help us in these difficult times. by St John Paul II

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The Challenge Of Forming Consciences For Faithful Citizenship

“For Catholics, the life and dignity of human person is not a ” narrow cause” but a way of life. For this reason, no Catholic should vote for a political program or law that would contradict the fundamental principles of our faith. In sharing our social w

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Prayer For All Saints Day-Litany Of The Saints( Best of Prayer N Lunch)

November 1 Solemnity of All Saints The earliest certain observance of a feast in honor of all the saints is an early fourth-century commemoration of “all the martyrs.” In the early seventh century, after successive waves of invaders plundered the catacomb

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