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Prayer By St Pope John XXIII (Best of Prayer N lunch)

October 11. St Pope John XXIII (November 25, 1881 – June 3, 1963) A shy, retiring man with a wonderful sense of humor, Cardinal Angelo Roncolli became our beloved Saint Pope John XXIII. Perhaps the greatest irony was that his fellow Cardinals elected

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Ecology Of The Heart-Our relationship with God and with one another informs our relationship with the environment -Best of prayer N Lunch

October 11 St. John XXIII (1881-1963)

Ponder: How can I become selfless enough to call everyone I meet a brother or sister?

Pray: God of creation, it is not always easy to see you in others. Whenpeople are downright nasty and hard to help, give me a hea

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O Mary, Stay With Us Your Children By St. Pope John Paul II (Aired 10-12-15) The Best of Prayer N Lunch

October 12 Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos (1819-1867) Zeal as a preacher and a confessor led Father Seelos to works of compassion as well.Born in southern Bavaria, he studied philosophy and theology in Munich. On hearing about the work of the Redemptorists

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Anthem To Mary (Aired 10-08-08) Best of Prayer N Lunch

Saint John Leonardi October 8 (1541 – October 9,1609) “I am only one person! Why should I do anything? What good would it do?” Today, as in any age, people seem plagued with the dilemma of getting involved. In his own way, John Leonardi answered these

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Pray for Florida-St. Augustine, Jacksonville Beach-A Thank You Rosary from South Florida

Saint of the Day for October 7-Our Lady of the Rosary

The Story of Our Lady of the Rosary

Saint Pius V established this feast in 1573. The purpose was to thank God for the victory of Christians over the Turks at Lepanto—a victory attributed to the prayi

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Today's Prayer-The Marian Creed (Aired 10-6-15)

October 6 St. Bruno (1030?-1101) This saint has the honor of having founded a religious order which, as the saying goes, has never had to be reformed because it was never deformed. No doubt both the founder and the members would reject such high praise, b

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Please pray for Haiti and everybody else in the path of Hurricane Matthew

Father, hear our prayer for all those in the path of Matthew through our Lord Jesus Christ. Deliver them from harm and help aid get to them swiftly. Mother Mary, pray for them.

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Prayers Of St Francis Of Assisi-Prayer To Dissipate Hurricane Matthew

Saint Francis Of Assisi

October 4. Saint Francis of Assisi: founder of the Franciscan family, Patron Saint of ecology, inspiration to thousands, claimed by people of all faiths as well as by those with no particular faith. A truly “catholic and apostolic

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